Knox Box

What is a knox Box?

Knox Boxes are crucial for ensuring rapid response times during emergencies. They eliminate the need for forced entry methods, such as breaking doors or windows, which can cause property damage and delay rescue efforts. Knox Boxes help emergency responders save lives and protect property by providing secure and controlled access to keys. 


A Knox Box is a secure key box typically installed outside of commercial or multi-family residential buildings. It provides emergency responders with quick access to keys, allowing them to enter the building without causing damage in the case of an emergency.

How to purchase a Knox Box

Step 1: Visit Harris County’s Knox Box Website to purchase a lock.

Step 2: Ensure the following information is located in the “Your Shopping” tab in the top left corner.

Your location: Texas

Local fire department/agency: Harris Co. Fire Marshals Office

Step 3: Is your business residential or commercial?

Harris Co Fire Marshals Office
HUMBLE, TX 77396-3503
Residential Use ONLY – HomeBoxes

Harris Co Fire Marshals Office
HUMBLE, TX 77396-3503
Unincorporated Areas of Harris County

Step 4: Contact your local fire department to open the Knox Box for installation.

Schedule your Knox Box Installation

Thank you for prioritizing emergency preparedness for your property.